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Climastar is the only patented heating system in the world that uses a special type of material, specially conceived and designed to improve convection, heat radiation and accumulation. This material is known as Dual-Kherr.

Climastar is the perfect combination of the three heating systems: radiation, accumulation and convection.

Dual-Kherr is available in 3 series:

Logo Dual-Kherr IN
  • Inner silicium heat storage
  • Medium accumulation
    (up to 30')
Logo Dual-Kherr OUT
  • Outer silicium heat storage
  • High accumulation
    (up to 50')
Logo Dual-Kherr in
  • Inner & Outersilicium heat
  • Maximum accumulation
    (up to 80')

Dual-Kherr system

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