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  • The perfect solution for all systems: heat pumps, low-temperature boilers and conventional boilers
  • Two sizes suit all customer needs
  • Winter and summer mode
  • 3 operating systems: Static, Dynamic and Adaptative
  • Less energy consumption
  • Faster warming
  • Heat transfer with water at 32°C
  • Add towel bars to turn it into a towel warmer


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is a hybrid system?


It works with water systems at low temperature and includes a heating element independently managed

100% ecologic
Up to 75% savings
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Designed for heating and cooling purposes

100% versatile

It may work both as a static and as a dynamic device

Instant reaction
A challenge for high-efficient energy heating systems

The most eco-friendly heating systems -those of high energy efficiency or those using new energy sources- work with low or very low water flow temperature. Water temperature reaches 85ºC in traditional heating systems whereas low temperature systems reach 35-60°C

This is the case with the new condensing boilers -high output and low CO2; and NOx emissions-, heat pumps, geothermics or solar heating panels. All these systems, on working at low temperature, guarantee energy savings and reduce thermal losses. Output improves.

Silicium Dual-Kherr Patented system

  • Dual-Kherrsystem optimizes its performance thanks to its Double Core. This double code is made of silicon oxide and aluminium oxide, two complementary compounds that provide an extra value to our heating system. Silicon is an excellent heat accumulator while aluminium is an outstanding heat conductor. Thereby, we guarantee the best heat transfer from convection current to the storage component; heat radiation and accumulation improve.

New double-circuit exchanger

New double-circuit exchanger

Heat transfer to the room is made by radiation and convection (natural or forced, depending on the version) by passing the air through the aluminium fins

The new double-circuit exchanger provides exceptional performance. Thermal inertia improves if compared to a traditional exchanger

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Heat transfer with water at 32°C

Large heat interchange surface: up to 3.56 m² on a single device

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Faster warming

Low water content (0.8 and 1.6 litres) helps high reaction speed. The quicker water heating is the quicker heat transfer is

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Low energy consumption

Dual-Kherr hybrids use 5-15% less energy than an installation with traditional radiators. They heat quickly to the desired temperature.

The forced ventilation system included may increase savings up to 30%

Movable slats

True heat and cold wherever you want

Immediate heat

Perfect power adjustment

Combinable or alternative option to radiant floor

No leakage risk and immediate response to your needs

Maximum savings

Movable slats:

True heat and cold wherever you want
Hybrid: Movable slats

Summer mode

Modo frío
Pleasant temperature in summer months. An alternative to conventional air conditioning systems.

One unique system for all your needs

The perfect combination for reversible heat pumps

Free-cooling mode:
  • cross-flow fans are activated; the air circulates and the room cools down. Wind-chill temperature is up to -5°C, with any type of boiler and without the use of cold water supply.
Cooling mode:
  • this makes possible to get the best of the reversible heat pumps as efficient cooling systems and as an alternative to air conditioning

One single knob to program the fan: PLUS, COMFORT and ECO

Winter mode

Winter mode
Best comfort during winter months. The quickest and most flexible heating system, the best energy saving

Dual-Kherr Hybrid may work in:

Static mode
  • heat exchanger as heat source by natural convection
Dynamic mode
  • with a cross-flow fan electronically controlling forced flow-heat
Adaptative mode
  • forced-flow heat together with a low-consumption heating element ?only 200 or 400W-, independently and manually controlled. Energy consumption, maximum wind-chill factor

One single button to program the fan: PLUS, COMFORT and ECO

Automatic cut-off system: in case of no water supply (eg. the boiler or heat pump stops)

Natural Convection icon

Natural Convection

Fan icon


Temperature room range and operating flexibility of DUAL-KHERR HYBRID
(Tested at Δ 40°C)
Natural convection & fat temperature table


Timer icon

Hybrid electronic control

  • Función Timer. Con 1 botón podrá definir que el ventilador arranque o pare en un tramo de tiempo determinado.Timer function: program the fan with one button.
    7 available options: 1h, 4h, 5h, 8h, 9h, 12h or 13h.
    The fan works as per the time and programme selected (plus, comfort or eco).
  • Best comfort with the replay timer (see picture). Choose the interval time you prefer, press the button for a few seconds, the fan will automatically work and stop in equal intervals as defined.
  • ... 12 h Replay, the fan works, whenever it is necessary and at the speed selected, from 7a.m. to 7p.m., and is off from 7p.m. to 7a.m. Ideal for offices, schools,...(see graphs).
12h replay graph

  • ... 4 h Replay, programme the fan at 12 a.m. and ensure maximum comfort at lunch time (12a.m.-4p.m.), at night (8p.m. at noon) and at wake-up time (4am-8am). This distribution corresponds to most householders in weekly working hours. (See graphs).
4h replay graph
Measures and fixing
  • Square
  • Square Hybrid format
  • Horizontal
  • Square Hybrid horizontal
Measures and fixing
Measures and fixing
  • Measures and fixing
    Hybrid 50x50 cm Hybrid 100x50 cm
    C (mm) 440 870
Optional thermostatic valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Regulates the hot water inlet, and the room temperature.
Technical details:
  • Model Length x Height x Depth Dry weight Water volume Extra mode Fan Heat exchanger connections
    DK Hybrid 50 x 50 cm 500 x 500 x 117 mm 20 kg 0,8 l 200 W 40 W 1/2"
    DK Hybrid 100 x 50 cm 1000 x 500 x 117 mm 30 kg 1,6 l 400 W 40 W 1/2"
Heat exchanger pressure loss
Heat exchanger pressure loss graph


  • White slate (Code 01)
  • White slate finish
  • Black slate (Code 02)
  • Black slate finish
  • Imperial limestone (Code 03)
  • Imperial limestone finish
  • White limestone (Code 04)
  • White limestone finish
  • White cashmere - Mimetic (Code 05)
  • White cashmere - Mimetic finish Mimetic logo
  • Travertine (Code 06)
  • Travertine finish
  • Oak (Code 07)
  • Oak finish
  • Wengue (Code 08)
  • Wengue finish
  • References & finishes
    Finishes Adaptative DK Hybrid 50 Adaptative DK Hybrid 100
    Reference Reference
    White cashmere - Mimetic 05A050H 05A100H
    White slate 01A050H 01A100H
    White limestone 04A050H 04A100H
    Black slate 02A050H 02A100H
    Imperial limestone 03A050H 03A100H
    Travertine 06A050H 06A100H
    Oak 07A050H 07A100H
    Wengue 08A050H 08A100H


  • White Cashmere finish mimetic- has been developed in silky texture and minimalist design to help match into any background.
  • Thus, the device is designed for being painted in the colour and texture you wish. Apply first a primer coat to ensure the paint adheres correctly to a surface WITHOUT ABSORPTION OF WATER and resists temperatures up to 70ºC. Check with a paint shop.
Mimetic finish

Valderoma artistic collection

  • Mencía 001 (Code 12)
  • Mencía artistic finish
  • Future (Code 13)
  • Future artistic finish
  • Niñez (Code 14)
  • Niñez artistic finish
  • Niza (Code 15)
  • Niza artistic finish
  • References & finishes
    Finishes Adaptative DK Hybrid 50 Adaptative DK Hybrid 100
    Reference Reference
    Mencía 001 12A050H 12A100H
    Niñez 14A050H 14A100H
    Future 13A100H
    Niza 15A100H

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