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Slim towel radiators

  • The best towel radiator. 100% made in Spain
  • Slim design
  • Stainless steel towel bars
  • Vertical or horizontal wall installation
Slim Control
  • Slim control
  • The best saving and comfort
    • Dual Kherr Silicon Inertia front panel
    • IP 44 protection, against dripping water
    • Climastar SLIM towel radiators maintain the temperature for longer periods
    • Thermal safety cut out
    • Digital control with timer
Accumulator of Dual-Kherr silicon
  • Dual-Kherr accumulator front
  • Dual-Kherr accumulator back
  • Dual Kherr. Forever Life guarantee and patented system
    • Highly hard and resistant material: 9 Mohs scale
    • 75% accumulation power higher than other systems
  • Dual-Kherr in
  • Dual Kherr is composed of silicon and aluminium oxide. Silicon is an excellent heating system while aluminium is an outstanding heat conductor
  • Thus, we guarantee the best transfer of heat to the accumulation element, improving heat radiation and accumulation
Sizes & Powers
  • 250 W
  • Slim 250 W size
  • Size:
  • 25x50 cm
  • 500 W
  • Slim 500 W size
  • size:
  • 25x100 cm
Slim towel radiators provide different fitting options

Radiators can be mounted Vertically or Horizontally

  • Radiators can be mounted Vertically or Horizontally
Stainless steel hooks
  • Perchas en acero inoxidable
  • Stainless steel hooks (Pack 3 units).
  • Stainless steel hooks
    Ref. Supply
    Stainless steel hooks PERINOX Pack 3 units
Finishes & references
  • White Cashmere - Mimetic
  • White Cashmere finish Mimetic Logo
  • Travertine
  • Travertine finish
  • White slate
  • White slate finish
  • Black slate
  • Black slate finish
  • Finishes & references
    Power Finish Reference Sizes and weights
    LxHxD Peso
    Slim timer 250W White cashmere RAL9010 (Mimetic) BS250TL 25x50x5 cm 5,20 Kg
    Travertine TR250TL
    White slate PN250TL
    Black slate PA250TL
    Slim timer 500W White cashmere RAL9010 (Mimetic) BS500TL 25x100x5 cm 9,85 Kg
    Travertine TR500TL
    White slate PN500TL
    Black slate PA500TL


  • White Cashmere finish mimetic- has been developed in silky texture and minimalist design to help match into any background.
  • Thus, the device is designed for being painted in the colour and texture you wish. Apply first a primer coat to ensure the paint adheres correctly to a surface WITHOUT ABSORPTION OF WATER and resists temperatures up to 70ºC. Check with a paint shop.
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