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Water Series towel warmers

  • Range of towel warmers designed to provide unparalleled comfort in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Supplied with a stainless steel towel bar
  • Availability of accessories to customize any combination: 51 cm towel bar, 102 cm towel bar and Pack 3 units stainless steel hooks
  • Careful design, high quality raw materials and the avant-garde technology used over the manufacturing process are the guarantee to provide the best performance and comfort standards
  • Our exhaustive quality controls guarantee the radiators exceptional long life with the minimum maintenance
Accesories for towel warmers
  • Accesories for towel warmers
  • 51 cm towel bar for vertical or square heater. Ideal for bathroom.
  • 2 depths available: 5 and 8 cm
  • 51 cm towel bar
    Ref. Length Depth Weight
    BT050X5 51 cm 5 cm 0,50 kg
    BT050X8 51 cm 8 cm 0,50 kg
  • Towel warmers horizontal
  • 102 cm towel bar for vertical or square heater. Ideal for kitchen.
  • 2 depths available: 5 and 8 cm
  • 102 cm towel bar
    Ref. Length Depth Weight
    BT100X5 102 cm 5 cm 0,85 kg
    BT100X8 102 cm 8 cm 0,85 kg
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Stainless steel hooks with clothes
  • Stainless steel hooks (Pack 3 units).
  • Stainless steel hooks
    Ref. Supply
    Stainless steel hooks PERINOX Pack 3 units

Water radiators with Silicium accumulator

The perfect combination

Dual-Kherr Silicium accumulator life guarantee patented system


Star-Deutsch stell panel
  • Dual-Kherr heating system optimizes its performance thanks to its double core of silicon oxide and alluminium oxide, two complementary compounds that provide an extra value to our heating system. Silicon is an excellent heat accumulator while aluminium is an outstanding heat conductor. Thereby Dual-Kherr guarantees the best heating from the draught to the accumulation element, improving heat radiation and accumulation.
    Dual-Kherr accumulator front
  • The front of the Dual-Kherr transmits the heat to the room for longer periods thanks to its accumulation capacity. Dual-Kherr has an accumulation power 75% higher than other electric radiators.
    Dual-Kherr accumulator back
  • These "double core" conduction lines optimize the convection process by encouraging the hot air distribution generated by the heating element.
  • Leading system in the cold countries.
    Cold countries map
  • Semi-panel welding with electrical resistance fusing, on automatic assembly line.
  • Intermediate water canals, spot welding
  • Each panel undergoes a watertightness test subject to a pressure of 13 bar, at a maximum work pressure of 10 bar.
  • Surface panels are prepared to apply a treatment to protect steel from corrosion.
  • The process ends by applying carboxi-epoxi resin and polymers on the surface radiator.
  • Colour reference: White RAL 9010.
Dual-Kherr + Star-Deutsch steel panel
saving image
Reduction in energy consumption

Accumulative properties of the steel together with the accumulative power of Dual-Kherr make possible maintain the temperature. This makes the boiler or heat pump start fewer times.

Avant-garde design

Lots of possibilities thanks to the 8 finishes we offer.

Possibility of combining our devices with other systems (electric, hybrid) with the same aesthetics.

saving image
More comfort
Less consumption

Less temperature fluctuations thanks to Dual-Kherr. On stabilizing the room temperature, comfort levels increase. The thermostat can be lowered.

Lifetime extension

The Dual-Kherr protects the panel, avoiding its deterioration and extending its lifespan.

Therefore, on starting fewer times, the boiler or heat pump's lifetime is longer.

Compact size
Its modular system permits to increase the surface but not the length of the panels.

Comparative: conventional aluminium radiator vs. a radiator by CLIMASTAR.

Conventional aluminium radiator

Radiator made of aluminium modules 2.040 W

Climastar Water Series

CLIMASTAR Dual-Kherr DK H2O 33 2.116 W

Mounting Dual-kherr and Star-Deutsch steel panel
DK 11
Dual-Kherr DK-11
Water series square towel warmers front sizes Water series square towel warmers side sizes
Water series vertical towel warmers front sizes Water series vertical towel warmers side sizes
Finishes & refecences
  • White slate
  • White slate finish
  • Black slate
  • Black slate finish
  • Imperial limestone
  • Imperial limestone finish
  • White limestone
  • White limestone finish
  • White cashmere
  • White cashmere finish
  • Travertine
  • travertine finish
  • Oak
  • Oak finish
  • Wengue
  • Wengue finish
  • Finish cod.
    Black slate White slate Imperial limestone White limestone
    01 02 03 04
    White cashmere Travertine Oak Wengue
    05 06 07 08
  • References
    Model Sizes DK11 reference
    H2O DK11 500 50x50x7 cm 050011B
    H2O DK11 850 50x100x7 cm 085011B
  • Reference: Dual-Kherr code + Panel Reference *

    Cod. example: 05130033

    White cashmere finish Panel reference Towel warmer ref.
    05 085011 B

Star-Deutsch panel

Germany flag

with integrated valve

Star-Deutsch steel panel ambience
German quality and design
  • Multiple possible connections
  • Better internal water flow
  • Uniform heat
  • One pipe-system and two-pipe system
  • Better aesthetics

6 screws connection 1/2"

Support brace position

back view

Plane measures 6 screws connection 1/2"
Model L A
500x500 500 mm 266,6 mm
500x1000 500 mm (vertical) 298 mm
1000x500 1000 mm 766,6 mm

Our radiators are supplied with 3 caps, a bleeder valve, a support, rawlplugs and screws.

Adaptor for axis distance

Perfect for renovations!


Aluminiun radiator

Help adapt the axis distance of the radiators to the existing installation.


Radiator with adaptor for axis distance
Reference Length Connection A Connection B
Superflex 12016 85 mm Sliding nut 3,8" 1/2"-3/8"

Outlet distance to the wall

DK11 DK21 DK22 DK33
Distance to the wall model DK11 Distance to the wall model DK21 Distance to the wall model DK22 Distance to the wall model DK33

Instalación y accesorios

Two-pipe system
Two-pipe system
Valve 1/2" Lockshield valve Thermostatic valve
Valve 1/2" Lockshield valve Thermostatic valve Thermostatic valve
Type Reference Type Reference Reference Reference
Straight valve 09765 Straight valve 09767 08380 20147
Angle valve 09766 Angle valve 09768
One-pipe system
One-pipe system
H-valve Pipe fitting Thermostatic valve
H-valve Pipe fitting Thermostatic valve Thermostatic valve
Type Reference mm Cooper Multilayer Reference Reference
Straight valve 09317 15 15752 08380 20147
Angle valve 09316 16 10751 10893
18 10753 11127

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