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Avant Touch

  • Range of towel warmers designed to provide unparalleled comfort in the bathroom or kitchen
  • Supplied with a stainless steel towel bar
  • Availability of accessories to customize any combination: 51 cm towel bar, 102 cm towel bar and Pack 3 units stainless steel hooks
  • Touch Display
  • Easy to use: intuitive, touchy and automatic
  • Fil Pilot
  • Programmable:Pre-set weekly programme; you can re-programme as per your needs
  • ECO function: -3°C saves up to 21%
  • Power Control: HCC System
  • Double Inertia: Dual Kherr In & Out, inner extra-accumulator included as standard
  • Cooling Detector: window open sensor
Accesories for towel warmers
  • Accesories for towel warmers
  • 51 cm towel bar for vertical or square heater. Ideal for bathroom.
  • 2 depths available: 5 and 8 cm
  • 51 cm towel bar
    Ref. Length Depth Weight
    BT050X5 51 cm 5 cm 0,50 kg
    BT050X8 51 cm 8 cm 0,50 kg
  • Horizontal towel warmer
  • 102 cm towel bar for vertical or square heater. Ideal for kitchen.
  • 2 depths available: 5 and 8 cm
  • 102 cm towel bar
    Ref. Length Depth Weight
    BT100X5 102 cm 5 cm 0,85 kg
    BT100X8 102 cm 8 cm 0,85 kg
  • Stainless steel hooks
  • Stainless steel hooks with clothes
  • Stainless steel hooks (Pack 3 units).
  • Stainless steel hooks
    Ref. Supply
    Stainless steel hooks PERINOX Pack 3 units
Avant Touch control
  • Avant Touch control
  • Control Heating cruise control (HCC)
    • New generation by CLIMASTAR incorporates a control mechanism that improves precision and efficiency of our Avant Touch radiators. It guarantees comfort temperature -cruise temperature- with the minimum energy consumption.
HCC System
  • HCC System
  • Savinig Avant Touch heaters
    • Comfort: enjoy a stable temperature and avoid peaks of consumption.
    • Climastar HCC eliminates those typical peaks usually shown in thermostatization charts, maintaining a stable temperature. The combination between HCC and the extraordinary thermal inertia of Dual Kherr provides the optimum use of power and additional energy savings (between 7% and 10%).
    • Energy saving: use the minimum power to maintain the comfort temperature.
    • Our innovative Heating Cruise Control provides a complete functioning adjustment of the heating element so that it strictly uses the minimum power needed to reach the chosen comfort temperature.
    • This is the same principle used in cruise control in cars, a system that controls the motion rate of a vehicle improving the comfort and minimizing the fuel consumption.
  • Double Inertia advantage
Double Inertia advantage
Higher efficiency
Higher efficiency

It reaches the comfort temperature of the room in half time. Higher efficiency

Higher thermal inertia
Higher thermal inertia

Higher thermal inertia, more comfort, less consumption

More comfort, less consumption
More comfort less consumption

Higher thermal inertia, more comfort, less consumption

Highest accuracy
Highest accuracy

Highest possible accuracy. More comfort, less comsumption

It does not dry up the environment
It does not dry up the environment

Reached the average temperature, the air outflow temperature reduces up to 30 °C.

Less convection, more confort
Less convection more confort

On cruise temperature, convection minimizes and work in mode LST. Maximum comfort.

Accumulator of Dual-Kherr silicon
  • Dual-Kherr accumulator front
  • Dual-Kherr accumulator back
  • Dual Kherr. Forever Life guarantee and patented system
    • Highly hard and resistant material: 9 Mohs scale
    • 75% accumulation power higher than other systems
  • Dual-Kherr in & out
  • Dual Kherr is composed of silicon and aluminium oxide. Silicon is an excellent heating system while aluminium is an outstanding heat conductor
  • Thus, we guarantee the best transfer of heat to the accumulation element, improving heat radiation and accumulation
Sizes and Powers
  • Square
  • Avant Touch towel warmer square sizes
  • Powers:
  • 500/800/1000 W
  • Horizontal
  • Avant Touch towel warmer horizontal sizes
  • Powers:
  • 1500/2000 W
  • Vertical
  • Avant Touch towel warmer vertical sizes
  • Powers:
  • 800/1300 W
  • Black slate
  • Black slate finish
  • White slate
  • White slate finish
  • Travertine
  • Travertine finish
  • White Cashmere
  • White cashmere finish
  • Imperial Limestone
  • Imperial limestone finish
  • White Limestone
  • White limestone finish


  • Humidifier
  • Avant Touch with Humidifier
  • With Climastar, comfort is more than heat. We add a humidifier that allows you to enjoy the perfect temperature avoiding dry atmosphere or other frequent heating troubles
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